Program (Recordings Available on Youtube channel Computer Vision for Microscopy Image Analysis@CVPR)

Session Start Time Talk Title Speaker(s)
Opening Remarks 12:30PM Welcome to CVMI 2021 Mei Chen (Microsoft)
Invited Talk 12:40PM Molecular Simulation Meets Cryo Electron Tomography Gerhard Hummer (Max Planck Institute of Biophysics)
Invited Talk 13:20 AI – New Horizons for Histopathology Jens Rittscher (University of Oxford)
Accepted Paper 14:00 Unsupervised Detection of Cancerous Regions in Histology Imagery using Image-to-Image Translation Dejan Stepec (XLAB d.o.o.)*; Danijel Skocaj (University of Ljubljana)
Accepted Paper 14:15 RCNN-SliceNet: A Slice and Cluster Approach for Nuclei Centroid Detection in Three Dimensional Fluorescence Microscopy Images Liming Wu (Purdue University)*; Shuo Han (Purdue University); Alain Chen (Purdue University); Paul Salama (Indiana University-Purdue University); Kenneth Dunn (Indiana University); Edward Delp (Purdue University)
Work-in-Progress 14:30 Subshot Deep Learning Approach for Instance Segmentation of Research Imaging Data. State-of-the Art Cloud Service DLgram Alexey G. Okunev (Novosibirsk State University); Anna Nartova (Novosibirsk State University); Mikhail Mashukov (Novosibirsk State University); Natalya Sankova (Novosibirsk State University); Andrey V Matveev (Novosibirsk State University)
Work-in-Progress 14:40 Unsupervised Artefact Removal in Histopathology Images Joseph Boyd (Universit´e Paris-Saclay), Mihir Sahasrabudhe (Universit´e Paris-Saclay), Stergios Christodoulidis (Universit´e Paris-Saclay), Maria Vakalopoulou (Universit´e Paris-Saclay)
Invited Talk 14:50 Computer Vision Opportunities for Analyzing the Spatial Topography of Gene Expression in the Human Brain Kristen Maynard (Lieber Institute)
Invited Talk 15:30 Geometry of Life: MicroCT as a Foundation for Computational Organismal and Tissue Phenomics Keith Cheng (Pennsylvania State University)
Accepted Paper 16:10 A Joint Spatial and Magnification Based Attention Framework for Large Scale Histopathology Classification Jingwei Zhang (Stony Brook University)*; Ke Ma (Stony Brook University); John S. Van Arnam (Stony Brook University); Rajarsi Gupta (Stony Brook University); Joel Saltz (Stony Brook University); Maria Vakalopoulou (ECP); Dimitris Samaras (Stony Brook University)
Accepted Paper 16:25 Quantifying Variability in Microscopy Image Analyses for COVID-19 Drug Discovery Mylene Simon (NIST); Nicholas Schaub (NIH); Sunniel Yu (NIH); Mohamed Ouladi (NIH); Jayapriya Nagarajan (NIH); Sudharsan Prativadi (NIH); Peter Bajcsy (NIST); Nathan Hotaling (NIH)
Work-in-Progress 16:40 Effects of Resolution and Scale on Segmentation of Nissl–stained Rat Brain Tissue Images via Convolutional Neural Networks Alexandro Arnal (University of Texas at El Paso)*; Olac Fuentes (University of Texas at El Paso)
Work-in-Progress 16:50 Segmentation of Cancer Cell Ultrastructure from 3D Electron Microscopy Images using Deep Learning Archana Machireddy (Oregon Health and Science University), Guillaume Thibault (Oregon Health and Science University), Cecilia E. Bueno (Oregon Health and Science University), Hannah R. Smith (Oregon Health and Science University), Jessica L. Riesterer (Oregon Health and Science University), Joe W. Gray (Oregon Health and Science University), Xubo Song (Oregon Health and Science University)
Invited Talk 17:00 Image-based Cell Phenotyping with Deep Learning Juan Caicedo (Broad Institute)
Invited Talk 17:40 What We’ve Learned from RxRx1 So Far: Cellular Phenotyping with Deep Learning Berton Earnshaw (Recursion Pharmaceuticals)
Accepted Paper 18:20 3D Fiber Segmentation with Deep Center Regression and Geometric Clustering Camilo G Aguilar (Purdue University)*; Mary Comer (Purdue University); Imad Hanhan (Purdue University); Michael Sangid (Purdue University); Ronald Agyei (Purdue University)
Accepted Paper 18:35 Learning Melanocytic Proliferation Segmentation in Histopathology Images from Imperfect Annotations Kechun Liu (University of Washington)*; Mojgan Mokhtari (Isfahan University of Medical Sciences); Beibin Li (University of Washington); Shima Nofallah (University of Washington); Caitlin May (Dermatopathology Northwest); Oliver Chang (VA Puget Sound); Stevan Knezevich (Pathology Associates); Joann Elmore (University of California, Los Angeles); Linda Shapiro (University of Washington)
Invited Talk 18:50 Applications of AI to Elucidate Mechanisms of Neurodegenerative Disease in Models and Patients Steve Finkbeiner (University of California San Francisco)
Challenge 19:30 The Cell Tracking and Mitosis Challenge Samreen Anjum (University of Texas at Austin)*; Danna Gurari (University of Texas at Austin)
Accepted Paper 19:45 X-net with Different Loss Functions for Cell Image Segmentation Haruki Fujii (Meijo University)*; Hayato Tanaka (Niigata University); Momoko Ikeuchi (Niigata University); Kazuhiro Hotta (Meijo University)
Accepted Paper 20:00 Hierarchical Spatial Pyramid Network For Cervical Precancerous Segmentation By Reconstructing Deep Segmentation Networks Zhu Meng (Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications)*; Zhicheng Zhao (bupt); Fei Su (Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications); Limei Guo (Peking University Health Science Center)
Award Ceremony 20:15 Announce Award Winners and Look Forward to CVMI 2022 Mei Chen (Microsoft)